Privacy Policy

Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. assures all parties that any and all confidential personal information and data provided to us will remain private.  Any and all confidential personal information and data gathered will not be sold to or shared with any third party. Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. solely collects personal information from its clientèle in order to process payment, billing and diamond/gemstone acquisition activities and functions.

In order to process payment, billing and diamond/gemstone acquisition activities, a client’s personal information is utilized within Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. to: 

  • Verify identify for applicable payment authorizations
  • Ship selected diamond/gemstone and Exotic Premium Merchandise acquisitions
  • Contact client(s) relative to diamond/gemstone acquisition status
  • Personalize a client’s diamond/gemstone acquisition experience
  • Provide helpful educational information
  • Generate anonymous statistics for in-house analysis  

Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc. is committed to barring access to your personal confidential information and data and diligently guards against any violation of the forgoing policy.  All clientèle registration and diamond/gemstone acquisition information is encrypted by state of the art security software to eliminate the potential for data interception, manipulation or recipient impersonation by any unauthorized party.

Trademark & Copyright

The logo for Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc., plus the term(s):  Certified Confidence and The Six C’s are protected registered trademarks. Additionally, the entire content of this website is the proprietary property of Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc.  All rights reserved.  No part of this website may be reproduced in any format or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage or retrieval systems, without expressed written permission from Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc., except to foster diamond/gemstone acquisition exclusively by Certified Diamonds & Gemstones, Inc.’s clientèle.


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